Yes, this will be hard to find, but Banos's book is the definitive guide to early Telecasters. By dismantling and painstakingly photographing many examples. In my opinion the Telecaster is the coolest guitar ever built. And the original Blackguards? The coolest of the cool. But if you want an original. Nacho Banos wrote a great coffee table book on the earliest years of the Blackguard Teles and Esquires. It is easily downloadd, new, for about.

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    The Blackguard Book

    anyone know where or even if I could get a copy of Nachos The Blackguard Book ? Thanks Gary. The Blackguard book is an appreciation of the earliest Fender Telecaster style guitars produced between and by Fender Musical Instruments in. The Blackguard book wanted. Can any body bring me into contact with Nacho, please? I really would love download a copy. I´ve already mailed him.

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    An illustrated tale about primitive solidbody spanish electric guitars

    We left traces of white and red just in the same spots where the original has them. Control plate: I made steel replicas of the original long lost football shaped control plate whose outline is imprinted in the original body before it was replace by a Pbass.

    We used those to mask the body so to leave the white paint under that original control plate in the same fashion found in the original guitar. Original truss rod neck: We took dimensions fret by fret of the original neck and made exact neck replicas with same string tree style, fretwire, back profile etc. This guitar is a clear detour from what came later in with the solidbody Esquires and Broadcasters in the Fall.

    It is halfway btw a lapsteel and a spanish guitar, with a hollow body and very lap steel like voice.

    The blackguard book?

    News for The Proto II model with ancient Oregon pine sandwich hollow body costs too much to make so we can only make about a handful each year. Nacho plan to launch a few more in January , which right now are in process. But there will be different variations of the same theme. We are all very excited about this new line.

    Billy Gibbons has been pushing Nacho to get the HB bridge version because last summer he did the whole tour with his Proto II but he kept asking Nacho if he could consider a HB bridge version. Duke Hector, its ruler, is on the verge of death and his twin offspring Lady Bronwyn and Lord Bromvy are on the run, outcast.

    However this is merely a portent of greater troubles ahead. One of the evil Seven Sisters is seen accompanying the Red Knights so if there is a secret agenda it's not a good one. Meanwhile if Ro Canarn can fall, is anywhere safe anymore? This is AJ Smith's first novel but no one can say he hasn't given it some thought.

    The Blackguard book wanted

    The British author and youth worker has planned, plotted and lived The Black Guard the name by which the outcasts are known and subsequent books in his Long War series for 12 years. The result is well packed with all but kitchen sinks.

    How well packed is 'well packed'? There are over 80 characters listed in this volume alone, two different shades of monk, two feisty females, seven enchantresses, giant spiders, the undead, a few religions, three lands, the crusaderesque knights, the vikingesque warriors and a hero named Algenon Teardrop whose very name makes me giggle inappropriately.

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    Sorry Algenon - I'm sure you're tough really! Add a nod or two to Tolkien and we have something that's mostly very good. Over the pages I developed a reading strategy that seemed to work for me so I'll share it. Ignore the maps after a cursory glance unless you're a cartophile as the locations become immaterial.

    Also ignore the cast list at the back as it contains spoilers.

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