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The Return of Sherlock Holmes (Short stories written in ) 7. The Case-Book of Sherlock Holmes (Short stories written in ) 4. Kannan Inside Photo: Wikimedia R. J¸ ÷©õvμ® C¸ öPõø»PÒ Oru Mothiram Iru Kolaigal by Arthur Conan Doyle Tamil Translation © Badri. Oru Mothiram iru kolaigal (Beeton's Christmas annual - A Study In Scarlet @ world Lock&Co) Puththagathai thaluvi edukkapattathu. Click here. This is first novel, I have read by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. As it was difficult for me to Expecting all sherlock stories in Tamil. try it, its worth reading. Read more.

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Sherlock Holmes Novels Pdf In Tamil

Oru Mothiram Iru Kolaigal - Tamil Novel - Sherlock Holmes. 1 . Arthur Conan Complete Sherlock Holmes pdf, complete sherlock holmes the. வணக்கம், நண்பரே!., Welcome to world's leading Tamil books online shopping store. The Complete Long Stories of Sherlock Holmes வகை: கதைகள் (Kathaigal - Tamil story) The Last Adventures Of Sherlock Holmes. The complete Sherlock Holmes Canon. From these pages you can download all the original Sherlock Holmes stories for free. PDF using individual layout.

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Rushing upstairs to the room she found only a beggar who denied any knowledge of St.

Download ebook for The Complete Adventures and Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes by Arthur Conan Doyle

The beggar is arrested, but a few days later St. Clair's wife receives a letter from her husband. Holmes concludes, then proves, that the beggar is actually St. Clair in disguise; he confesse that he has been leading a double life as a beggar, making more money that way than in his nominal work.

However, an acquaintance of Holmes discovers the carbuncle in the throat of a Christmas goose. Holmes traces the owner of the goose, but soon determines that he was not the thief by offering him a replacement goose. The detective continues his search, first to an inn and then a dealer in Covent Garden. The dealer refuses to provide Holmes with information about the source of the goose, but Holmes observes another man trying to find the same information, and confronts him. The man, the head attendant at the hotel, confesses to his crime.

Holmes allows him to remain free, arguing that prison could make him a hardened criminal later. During a late-night investigation of the bedroom, Holmes and Watson discover a dummy bell-pull near a ventilator. As they lie in wait a whistle sounds, then a snake appears through the ventilator.

Holmes attacks the snake with his riding crop; it retreats to the next room, where it attacks and kills Stoner's stepfather. Hatherley had been hired for 50 guineas to repair a machine he was told compressed Fuller's earth into bricks. Hatherley was told to keep the job confidential, and was transported to the job in a carriage with frosted glass, to keep the location secret.

He was shown the press, but on closer inspection discovered a "crust of metallic deposit" on the press, and he suspected it was not being used for compressing earth. He confronted his employer, who attacked him, and during his escape his thumb is chopped off. Holmes deduces that the press is being used to produce counterfeit coins, and works out its location.

However, when they arrive, the house is on fire, and the criminals have escaped. Simon's new American bride, Hatty Doran, has disappeared almost immediately after the wedding.

The servants had prevented an old love interest of his from forcing her way into the wedding breakfast, Hatty had been seen in whispered conversation with her maid, and Inspector Lestrade arrives with the news that Hatty's wedding dress and ring have been found floating in the Serpentine.

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Holmes quickly solves the mystery, locating Hatty at a hotel with a mysterious, "common-looking" man who had picked up her dropped bouquet after the ceremony. The man turns out to be Hatty's husband Frank, whom she had thought dead in America, and who had managed to locate her only moments before she was to marry Lord St. Frank and Hatty had just determined to go to Lord St. FAQ How to Order? Contact Us About Us Feedback.


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Sherlock Holmes

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Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

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