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Home of Skathi, goddess of the hunt In ages long past. Lucia the Maiden cracked open her eyes and found herself atop an altar, staring up at a furious goddess. From one altar to the next, she thought deliriously as her fever raged. Pain roiled inside her broken body. Her fractured limbs. You court my wrath, young Valkyrie. Torture my sister?

This would be an easy score, taking him nearly the entire length of the field. Finally the demons pursuing him gave up, slowing one by one, hailing curses.

As he inhaled deeply, he isolated a new, exquisite scent from a thousand threads of them—the coppery smell of lightning, cut blades of grass, the swampy bayous all around them. Sensations overwhelmed him, racking his muscles as he slowed.

My mate. She was downwind but close enough that he detected her. His head swung around in the direction of the scent. A small female stood alone off to the side of the field. At his first sight of her, his breath was lost, his Lykae Instinct roaring to life within him. Take her. She had pouting pink lips and flashing amber eyes.

Wee pointed ears poked out through her mane of long dark hair. Yes, mine. Gods, she was as exquisite as her scent— Wham! The demons tackled him with the force of a freight train, flattening him on the field, piling on top of him. His left shoulder popped from its joint. A knee to his jaw wrenched three back teeth loose.

He growled, not with pain but with frustration, punching the still-hitting demons with his one good arm.

As he battled to free himself, he sucked his teeth into his windpipe. The twins ran to help him, finally peeling the demons off him.

Garreth struggled to his knees, futilely coughing, hacking as he watched the strange female. Suddenly, in a laserlike movement, she readied her bow, nocked three arrows from her quiver, and drew the bowstring to her cheek. What the hell?

Everything happening so fast. Aiming for the nymphs? No, not them. A kobold cowering among them. Never hit it from so far away. She was poised, motionless, for a shot. Though rain and wind whipped her hair over her cheek, she never blinked, never took her eye from her target even after she released that bowstring.

A fantastical shot. Yet she appeared bored with the result. Heaving, choking, Garreth saw her casually wend her way through the stunned nymphs.

Once she reached the two pieces of kobold, the archeress chucked them into the nearby swamp. When she realized all attention was on her, she slowed. He reached a muddy hand toward her, but she frowned with disdain, then disappeared into the brush.

Finally Uilleam kicked Garreth in the back, and his back teeth flew from his windpipe like Chiclets. Between labored breaths, Garreth clambered to his feet. Munro looked incredulous; Uilleam, jealous. How long had they both been waiting? But she looked like she might be.

Be quick, man! He was shirtless, well on his way to being drunk, and filthy with blood and mud. Vow it! The second they popped his shoulder back in, he took off at a sprint. On this day, the fates still refused to surrender Lachlain. As he charged forward, excitement welled within him, followed by overwhelming relief. Now he was on her trail.

Yet at the line of moss-curtained cypresses—the entrance to the most remote section of the swamp—he slowed. Somehow her scent was emanating from four different directions. He decided on one to follow, then thrashed through the brush, hurdling streams and bogs. When he reached the source of the scent and there was no sign of her, he turned in place.

Then gazed up to find one of her arrows lodged in a tree, so deep only the flights showed. Clever girl. But he would follow each to the end, tracking her for as long as it took. And I was born to find her.

Terrain passed beneath his feet for half an hour before he located her true trail. With the innate stealth of his kind, he prowled closer, hunting this huntress in the now drizzling rain. The swamp made it easy for him to approach her undetected. There were a thousand shadows to conceal him, with animals constantly creeping about to distract her. Once he spied her again, he just stopped himself from sucking in a breath. She had to be a Valkyrie, one among a species of women both notoriously beautiful.

Her features were stunning—high, bold cheekbones, plump lips, and a slim, pixie nose—but her coloring made her beyond compare. Her skin was golden and smooth, her eyes the color of Scots whiskey. She was of middling height and curvy, wearing a wet white T-shirt that hugged generous breasts. Khaki shorts fitted tightly over her pert arse and displayed shapely legs.

Her hair was long—a dark mane, heavy with rain. On her right hand, she wore a leather shooting glove. A long leather forearm guard stretched from her left wrist to her elbow. Who knew archery gear could be so sexy? His female would wear her leathers when he took her curvy wee body tonight. At the thought, his shaft hardened in his damp jeans, and he almost growled.

But all the while she would freeze, jerking her head back in his direction, her pointed ears twitching. Without warning, she leapt up into a waterlogged oak, crouching there as she resumed her shooting stance, nocking another arrow. From a distance, her short bow was unassuming, a recurve bow with the ends arching away from her, and a thickened grip in the middle.

Typical, if old fashioned. But as he neared he could see there were etched gold markings in the polished black wood. Her weapon was as fine and proud as its owner obviously was. Did she plan to hit it through the earth? Lucia knew the kobold had gone underground, scurrying for its life. From this angle in the tree, she could shoot into the ground, piercing her arrow straight into the tunnel beneath. Just as Lucia always did.

And then what? When the nightmares came. For now, kill the kobold, go home. His interest had disconcerted her. Lucia shook her head hard, refocusing, inhaling a breath. The ancient inscriptions on her bow seemed to glow. She released the string. With a thunk, the arrow punctured the ground, boring deep, all the way to the kobold burrowed below. A muffled shriek sounded. Target hit. Lucia swung her bow back across her body, then leapt down to finish off her immortal prey with a swift beheading.

She sighed. My cross to bear. Three tenets comprised the Skathian code: honesty, chastity, and humility. She managed honesty—mostly—and chastity totally. When she neared, the creature scurried in the tunnel beneath her feet, making the arrow shaft dart frenziedly in the mucky ground, which amused her. This was her greatest pleasure—the hunt. When she was out like this, she felt less like an imposter, filled with shameful secrets.

And she could briefly forget what would soon befall her in the approaching Accession. Shaking away that thought, she crouched to dig free her prey, hauling it out by the ankle in a rush of mud and roots. Still in cherubic form, the kobold squirmed frenetically, her arrow jutting from its throat. She dropped it to the ground and plucked free her arrow, taking half its neck with those barbs. The creature transformed, growing reptilian, with snakelike eyes and scaly skin.

When it snapped its now elongated fangs at her, she turned the arrow lengthwise, pressing the shaft down over what was left of its neck. As blood sprayed up her arms, she grinned. Lucia had just beheaded the thing when her ears twitched with awareness yet again. She leapt back to her feet, eyes darting as she drew free her bow and nocked another arrow. Something close. The male. She sensed it was him—but how had he gotten the drop on her? She peered into the shadows and almost gasped when golden eyes glowed back.

On occasion, she acted as a negotiator between factions because she was so patient and levelheaded—or so everyone thought. Perhaps he sought her help to solve some grievance. The male stalked closer to her, ignoring the natural path, heading directly for her. A Lykae had made her the object of its interest. Never a good development. The mud had washed clean, revealing the perfection of his still-bare chest and torso and all the strong planes of his face. His chin was stubborn with a hint of a cleft, his skin tan, with those faint laugh lines etched beside golden eyes.

Rain spiked his lashes. His thick hair was wet and dark, whipping across his lean cheeks. His gaze met hers for long moments before he leisurely took in every feature of her face. She frowned as a sense of awareness seemed to tingle through her every nerve. When his gaze dipped to her body, he raised a shaking hand to run over his mouth, clearly liking what he saw.

[PDF] Pleasure of a Dark Prince Download Online

Act reasonable and serious. Above all things be rational. They began circling each other. Had the corner of his lips briefly curled? I did something entirely different with him. She stifled the memories that had begun to surface more and more often. The black ash wood was polished to a sheen and carved with elaborate inscriptions.

In a long-dead language, it was written that Lucia was a servant to the goddess Skathi.

Pleasure of a Dark Prince

But to marry talent and beauty such as yours as well? Hardly sporting to other lasses. Her hair was drenched. Her clothes were boring—a serviceable pair of shorts and a plain T-shirt. She wore no makeup or jewelry, but then, she never did. A celibate in plain clothes. A shadow in the background. Unfortunately, the two species resembled each other with their elven features. That was where all similarities ended. What are you talking about? Valkyrie are notoriously difficult to seduce. No talk of a date, of courting, just sex.

Not to mention that you smell of mash and distillery. Be still my heart. As if she were jealous. A spark of disquiet arose in her. You have a darkness in you, Lucia, Skathi had warned her eons ago. You must constantly be vigilant against it.

Yes, vigilant. Lucia needed to get home, away from this rumbling-voiced werewolf. A face like his had been her undoing once, a handsome face that had concealed a monster. So surreal. They lobbed the pieces into the murky water. Her task done, she brushed off her hands and turned for home. He followed. And my kind considers yours little better than animals. What a way of putting it. Tell me your name. With his thick Scottish accent, the werewolf pronounced it Lousha.

She just stopped herself from shivering. She had no business responding to him. Which she could never give—even if she wanted to—without disaster.

So why was her gaze descending along his damp chest?

Pleasure of a Dark Prince

Her eyes followed the trail of hair from his navel down to the low-slung waist of his worn jeans, then lower. I loved how he labored to gain her trust and the fact that never took advantage of it. He was good to her and they made a great team. I am surprised that I am 10 books into this series and I am enjoying each book more and more.

This is a great series and narration is out of this world.

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My only problem is that Audible hasn't got ALL of them!!!!! I'm waiting because I will have this entire collection in my library. I consider it a must have. Poor handsome Lykae Garreth was so bored with his life women throwing themselves at him all the time and wished for a challenge.

Well, that's certainly what he got when he suddenly feels, smells, sees and tries to claim his mate - because Valkarie Lucia, being the best Archer in the Lore, doesn't want anything to do with Garreth because she's got terrible secrets along with good reasons why - one of which is that she's on a mission to save the Apocalypse from happening. But devoted Garreth, the Scottish Wolf Prince, is out of control so can't, and won't, take no for an answer so he relentlessly chases Lucia around the world while watching, desiring, protecting, lusting but all the while patiently waiting for the chance to bite her and make her his.

As the action-packed storyline finally brings them on the same boat their sizzling sexual chemistry ignites but the sexual tension is the least of their worries as unpleasant characters, creatures and events spoil their plans This intense, riveting, sexy, humorous, emotional, gripping story, with it's witty dialogue, is just what you come to expect from the highly imaginative mind of Kresley Cole.

She has delivered yet another IAD book that has a very enjoyable paranormal mystery with suspense, a passionate, tender, touching romance and then she populates it with a host of likeable, loveable and compelling characters like the Soothsayer Nucking Futs Nix who brings cryptic clues and zany humor just when it's needed. Then, as if we're not spoilt enough, the narration is skilfully done by the talented voices of Robert Petkoff who magically brings to life the many characters, infuses them with a vast range of emotions and leaves the listener in awe and grateful for his part in transforming mere words into another amazing listen.

What a series and what a phenomenal talent author Kresley Cole is to keep coming up book after book with more and more immortals who are steamy hot both male and female!

Now they are sharing a cabin on a rickety boat traveling down the site with a motley crew and some totally weird fellow passengers.

Stay tune for the adventure of your life with sensuality, hot and witty dialogs and double entendres. As usual Robert Petkoff does his impressive and awesome performance of so many different characters voices which only enhances this book and the entire series. Kudos to both Ms Cole and Mr. Petkoff for offering the best in entertaining audiobooks. Pleasure of a Dark Prince Each book just gets better and better but I am really in a hurry to hear more from smart-ass warrior Regin!

After listening to this installment, I now realize why the last few titles have made me cranky. All is right with the world again. Garreth was awesome, and I loved the advice that his brother and Bowen kept giving him. Petkoff is a beast. The best book hands down. See More New Releases. Coldly interested only in the power his Bride will bring, he can hardly believe when Myst the Coveted awakens him body—and soul.

The Seductress Famed throughout the world as the most beautiful Valkyrie, Myst has devoted her life to protecting a magical jewel and to fighting the vampires. Wroth provides her with the perfect opportunity to torment her sworn enemy—for with his new heartbeat comes a consuming sexual desire that can only be slaked by her.